August 2017 Update 1

New Features

  • View checkin popup update
  • Small UI tweaks to route view
  • Add beta for uploading checkin images (not viewable in app yet)
  • Add index to owners manual
  • Updated Driver View
    • View assigned routes of the driver
    • View recent checkins of the driver
  • Small performance/loading improvements

Unassigned Stops

  • Add unassigned stops section
    • Upload to unassigned stops
  • Add copy stops and move stops in planner multi-select
  • Default service time sent to upload

Beta Features

  • Add image to checkin - currently this can only be done in Team, and will only show in the Team web app. However we are experimenting with adding images to checkins for the mobile apps soon.

Bug Fixes

  • Add back individual route reporting download
  • Fixed bug where the driver would get unassigned if editing the route in app as the dispatcher