August 2017 Update 2

New Features

  • New Team Dashboard when logging in
    • Provide a better onboarding experience when first purchasing Team
    • Give overview of Team data when logging in
    • Can be turned off in settings (will go directly to planner as in past)


  • Dashboard Features
    • Quick resource to find more info on Team
    • Link to latest Team feature updates/patches
  • Add quick driver assignment dropdown to route view

Driver drop down assignment

  • New driver map truck icons (for future updates to allow for icon choice, display direction/heading of driver)

Beta/Upcoming Features

  • Add framework for push support for assigning routes to drivers
    • NOTE: This is not available yet. Will require upcoming Android/iOS app updates to work).
    • Push notifications will mean drivers will not have to manually sync when assigned a route. Other changes to a route will still require a sync after route is assigned.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue with checkin dates not always appearing in planner
  • Fix selected style in schedule list