Driver Permissions

Permissions will be in affect on the latest Android build, released the week of Nov. 13th (earlier builds will not be affected). iOS will get driver permissions likely January 2018, until then, drivers will remain as they are now.

  1. There are two levels of driver permissions that can be assigned to a driver. The difference between a driver and a trusted driver, is that trusted drivers have permission to delete routes assigned to them.

  2. Favorites, Schedules, and History items cannot be deleted by any drivers, as they are common throughout the whole Team.

  3. Newly created accounts are normal driver level permissions by default
Driver (default)Trusted Driver
Create/Edit Assigned Routes
Create/Edit Favorites
Create/Edit Schedules
Create/Edit History
Delete Assigned Routes
Delete Favorites
Delete Schedules
Delete History

Permissions can be edited via the Drivers tab - tap on the edit button of a driver row, or driver view popup, and then tap the Permission Level row to set permissions (make sure to tap Done, then Save Changes after).

The following video details how to edit driver permissions in the Team web app.