The ability to manage multiple drivers and share routes to drivers is one of the most important capabilities of Team RoadWarrior.

Creating a Driver

Drivers with Team RoadWarrior are separate driver accounts that have less privileges than the main dispatcher account. Driver accounts can be created, edited, and deleted from the main Team RoadWarrior website.

Note: Do not share your dispatcher login with your drivers as a way to let them log into the app. Creating driver accounts is the way to properly use Team.

To create a driver, first go to the Drivers tab of the Team website.

Team drivers

Then, click the '+' button in the upper right.

This will bring up the create driver dialog, where you can set a username and password for your new driver. Your driver will use this to log into the Road Warrior app for Android or iOS, which he or she can download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Tip: The login will be the username you set, at your team domain. For example, if your team domain is 'roadwarrior', and you create a driver with a username 'john', your driver's login would be 'john@roadwarrior'.

Managing Driver Accounts

Team RoadWarrior includes 5 driver accounts, along with your dispatcher account. If you need additional driver accounts, we provide the ability to scale by purchasing Virtual Driver Packs. Each Virtual Driver Pack gives 5 additional driver accounts, as well as 1024 daily optimization and search quota.

To adjust your virtual driver pack count, go to the Drivers tab, and tap the "Manage Plan" button.

Manage Plan Button

Manage Plan popup

From here you can change how many virtual driver packs you have. Keep in mind that you always must have enough virtual driver packs to cover your driver accounts.

For example if you had 12 driver accounts, and 2 virtual driver packs (for a max of 15) then you could not go down to 1 virtual driver pack without first deleting two driver accounts.

Working with Drivers

Now that you have created a driver account. You can assign routes to that driver. Drivers will only see routes that they have created themselves, and routes that have been assigned to them by the dispatcher.

Assigning a route

There are two ways to assign a driver to a route.

The quickest way, is to tap on a route, and then select the driver from the dropdown under the Driver section.

The second way is while editing a route. Go to the route list, and tap the edit button to edit a route.

Tap Driver row

In the route edit screen, tap the Driver row, and then select a driver from the list.

Choose driver

After saving the route, the driver may have to perform a manual sync in order to get the route. The Road Warrior app should also sync any time you open the app, so a manual sync is not always necessary.

Driver Tips

  • To change a password on a driver, go to the driver tab, and tap the lock symbol on the right

Change driver password

  • Deleting a driver can be done by the same right hover menu - note that deletion of an account is permanent and cannot be undone.

  • You can assign a picture to a driver for easier recognition by editing the driver and then tapping the "Update Photo" button

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