Managing drivers and assigning routes are defining capabilities of Team RoadWarrior. Below are some details and tips on creating accounts and managing your drivers to maximize the efforts of your team.

Creating a Driver

With Team RoadWarrior, there are two general types of accounts: the dispatcher (admin) account, and driver accounts. Driver accounts can be created, edited, and deleted by the dispatcher in the Team RoadWarrior web app.

To create a driver, first head to the Drivers tab from the left sidebar menu, then click the ADD DRIVERS button in the upper right of the drivers page.

Team drivers

This activates the create driver process, where you can set a username and password for your new driver. Your account will be billed for $5USD immediately upon the creation of the Driver account, and then $5USD will be added to your monthly renewal cost from that point forward.

Add Drivers

Your driver will use these account details to log into the RoadWarrior mobile app on their Android or iOS device, which they will download from the App Store or on Google Play.

Warrior Tip: Driver accounts now have a "TeamDomain.DriverName" username format. If your team domain is fastdelivery and you create a driver with a username john, your driver's username will be fastdelivery.john.

Assigning Routes

Now that you have created Drivers, you can assign Routes to them.

Warrior Tip: Drivers will only see routes that their dispatcher has assigned to them and the routes that they've created themselves on their account. Other routes are saved with the Team account and accessible by the dispatcher.

There are two ways to assign a driver to a route.

Method 1

In Planner mode, click on the Info (i) button on the upper left of the screen, and then select the Driver from the dropdown menu in the popup window.

Method 2

From the Route menu, click the edit button on the Route you wish to assign (it will pop up as a pencil/edit icon when you hover over the Route), then select the Driver from the dropdown menu in the popup window.

Route menu

Warrior Tip: The Driver may have to perform a manual sync in order to access their newly assigned Route.

Managing Driver Accounts

Team RoadWarrior's new base plan includes a dispatcher account for the team, you can add drivers to your plan at any time. Each driver on your roster adds $5/mo. to your monthly statement. Each driver account includes a unique login to access our mobile apps and increases your team's shared daily quotas by 500 optimized stops and 500 auto-complete search locations.

To manage your Driver accounts, go to the Drivers tab in the web app, and use the management buttons in the top right.

Note: This process differs if your plan is under the legacy driver-pack structure of Team RoadWarrior.

Manage Plan Button

In the new Team RoadWarrior plan structure, each driver is priced individually. you can manage Drivers by using the ADD DRIVERS button (more details above in the Add Drivers section) and you can any driver account when no longer needed. Your next month's statement will reflect any changes you make.

To delete a Driver account, select the driver account in your drivers list. Tap the three dots at the top of the side menu, then click Delete Driver. Be sure to hit Save Changes at the bottom of the menu afterward.

Delete Drivers

If you have a legacy Team plan that uses driver packs, you can manage those by clicking the MANAGE DRIVER PACKS button in the top left of the screen, which will give you management options in a pop-up menu.

Manage Plan Button

Manage Plan popup

From here you can change how many virtual driver packs you have. Keep in mind that you must always have enough virtual driver packs to cover your driver accounts.

For example, if you had 12 Driver accounts, and 2 Virtual Driver Packs (for a max of 15 Drivers), you would have to delete 2 Drivers before downgrading to 1 Virtual Driver Pack.

Driver Settings

Your Driver accounts can be managed by clicking on the Driver and interacting with the options in the side menu.

Driver Hover

  • To change a Driver account's username or password, click the 'more options' symbol (three dots) in the top right corner of the side menu.

  • You can delete a Driver by clicking the X icon in the 'more' menu of the side pop-up as well - note that deletion of an account is permanent and cannot be undone.

  • You can upload Driver images for easier recognition by clicking the default Driver image in the side pop-up.

  • Control Driver Permissions by using the Driver Status dropdown. Trusted drivers can delete assigned routes, while standard drivers cannot.

After making any changes, be sure to tap Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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