***We updated our Driver naming structure effective October 1, 2018. All new Driver names will now follow the format TeamName.Driver. If you created Drivers before this point, they will remain in the original Driver@TeamName format.

Managing multiple drivers and sharing routes are the defining capabilities of Team RoadWarrior. Below are some tips and tricks to maximize your experience.

Creating a Driver

In Team RoadWarrior, Drivers have separate accounts with fewer privileges than the Dispatcher. Driver accounts can be created, edited, and deleted from the main Team RoadWarrior website.

Warrior Tip: Driver accounts are all you need to successfully interact with your drivers--there is no need to share your dispatcher login with your team.

To create a driver, go to the Drivers tab of the Team website and click the 'Add Drivers' button in the upper right.

Team drivers

This activates the create driver dialog, where you can set a username and password for your new driver. Your driver will use this to log into the Road Warrior app on their phone, which they can download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Warrior Tip: The driver's login is their username @ your team domain. E.g., if your team domain is roadwarrior, and you create a driver with a username john, your driver's login would be john@roadwarrior.

Managing Driver Accounts

Team RoadWarrior's base plan includes 5 Driver accounts alongside the Dispatcher account. You can add additional Driver accounts purchasing Virtual Driver Packs. Each Virtual Driver Pack gives 5 additional driver accounts, as well as 1024 daily optimization and search quota.

To adjust your virtual driver pack count, go to the Drivers tab, and tap the "Manage Plan" button.

Manage Plan Button

Manage Plan popup

From here you can change how many virtual driver packs you have. Keep in mind that you must always have enough virtual driver packs to cover your driver accounts.

E.g., if you had 12 Driver accounts, and 2 Virtual Driver Packs (for a max of 15 Drivers) then you could not downgrade to 1 Virtual Driver Pack without first deleting 2 Driver accounts.

Assigning Routes

Now that you have created a driver account, you can assign routes to that driver.

Warrior Tip: Drivers will only see routes that they have created themselves, and routes that have been assigned to them by the dispatcher.

There are two ways to assign a driver to a route.

Method 1

In Planner mode, click on the Info (i) button on the upper left of the screen, and then select the Driver from the dropdown menu in the popup window.

Method 2

From the Route menu, click the edit button on the Route you wish to assign (it will pop up as a pencil icon when you hover over the Route), then select the Driver from the dropdown menu in the popup window.

Route menu

Warrior Tip: The driver may have to perform a manual sync in order to access their newly assigned route.

Driver Management

You Driver accounts can be managed by using the hover menu on each Driver, or by clicking on the Driver and interacting with the pop-up menu.

Driver Hover

Driver Hover

  • To change a Driver account password, click the lock symbol on the right of the hover menu or in the popup menu.

  • You can delete a Driver by clicking the garbage bin icon in the hover menu - note that deletion of an account is permanent and cannot be undone.

  • You can assign a picture to a Driver for easier recognition by editing the driver (click the pencil icon in the hover menu, or click the edit button in the pop-up menu) and then clicking "Update Photo"

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