Have stops that you need to visit often? Want to keep track of your check-in history and notes for specific locations? Need to specify regular business hours?
All of these are good reasons to use Favorites in Team RoadWarrior.

Creating a Favorite

Method 1: If you already have a stop on a route that you want to save as a favorite, go to the route, select the stop, then hit the Save Favorite button in the top right of the stop's menu.

Add favorite from stop

Method 2: You can add a favorite without a stop by searching for the location in the Planner, just like you would to add a stop. Once you select a search result, choose ADD FAVORITE to save the location. This can also be done in your Team's favorites list, accessible from the left sidebar menu.

Add favorite from search

Method 3: If you have many favorite locations that you saved to your Team account, you can use the Upload Feature to upload locations in a spreadsheet 'as favorites.'

Using Favorites with Routes

One of the benefits of favorites is that they enable adding stops to your routes without having to search.

Select the applicable favorite either in the Planner's map or list, or in your favorites list, and then click ADD TO ROUTE to add the location as a stop on your route. This also works with multi-select mode to add multiple favorites to a route at once.

Add favorite to route

Once on a route, you can tell which stops are at favorite locations with the star icon, visible on each applicable stop in the route's list.

Stop with favorite

After you create a stop from a favorite, edits to the created stop will not affect the saved data on the favorite. Similarly, changes to the favorite afterward will not affect already existing stops (stops made after editing the favorite will inherit the new information).

Adding multiple favorites to a route

If you want to add many favorites to a route, you can do so with multi-select mode. This can be done by going to the planner's list view or the favorite list, then tapping on a favorite's icon on the very leftside of the list.

Start Multi select favorites

Now in multi-select mode - tapping any additional favorite icon will add that favorite to the current selections. After you have selected all the favorites you want added as stops on a route, tap the + button at the top of the screen to add the selected to the currently open route.

Add multiple favorites

Customizing a Favorite

Once you've created a Favorite, you can customize with different options.

Editing a Favorite

Tapping EDIT on a favorite's pop-up will bring up the edit options for that location. From here, you can change the display name, add notes, change the color of the icon, and more.

Changing the color of the favorite will affect the appearance of the favorite's icon on the map and lists.

Editing a favorite

Warrior Tip: If you add a phone number, you will be able to quickly text or email the location from the favorite's or stop's pop-up options in the app.

Favorite Availability

Favorites give you the ability to set certain availability or business hours for the location. For example, if a business accepts deliveries from 9am-5pm on Monday-Friday and only during 1pm-3pm on Saturday-Sunday, you will be able to specify and save this to the favorite, which will be taken into account when optimizing future routes.

To set an availability schedule for a Favorite, tap the Favorite to bring up the popup, then tap the "Manage Availability". For more detail on setting availability, please see our article on Time Windows.


Availability List

Keeping Track of Check-ins

With a Favorite, you can keep track of any check-ins made at stops created from that favorite (ie, ongoing record of check-ins for a location).

In order to see a list of checkins for a Favorite, tap on a Favorite to bring up the popup menu, and then tap View Past Activity to see a list of checkins for that Favorite.

View History

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