Team Features

Team RoadWarrior has a number of new features geared towards dispatchers and expert users.

Dispatcher & Drivers

The biggest change from normal RoadWarrior is the introduction of the dispatcher and driver users. The dispatcher functions as the head of the Team, and can administrate and share routes to driver users.

Access to web route planner and mobile app
Can create and remove driver users
Able to share routes to drivers
Access to all Pro app features
Access to mobile app
Only can access routes that are shared by dispatcher and self created
Access to all Pro app features

Web Route Planner

Team RoadWarrior brings the power of the Road Warrior app to the web! The web route planner not only contains all of the features of the mobile app, but additional features both for Team and power users to allow you to create and run your routes even more effectively.

New Web Planner features
Desktop/large screen focused user interface
Merge stops from multiple routes
Move/Copy stops to a different route
Tabbed route planner to switch between routes rapidly
Team Only Features
Categorize data by zones
Create vehicles and assign them to routes
Assign and share routes to drivers
Purchase optimization and search quota increases if needed
Purchase additional driver accounts if needed
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