Get Route & Manual Reordering

The Get Route screen is designed to be the last step before optimizing your route. You can tweak route parameters such as starting location/time and avoids all from one location, then finalize your route.

The manual reorder function allows you to change the order of the Stops on your route after optimizing.

You can manually reorder your stops in the Get Route screen tapping the Manual Order button in the upper right corner. You can also set manual reorder mode by long pressing on a stop and dragging it to a new order in the Get Route list.

Use the grab bar on the right (highlighed with red box below) and drag a Stop up or down on the list. This will set the route as manually ordered automatically.

When you manually reorder an optimized route, you are over-riding the algorithm that determines the fastest route. After you reorder you can choose to either Calculate or Optimize (both options will appear at the bottom of the screen)

Optimize or Calculate

Calculate will provide the driving, distance and total time based on way that you choose to order the route.

Optimize will engage Road Warrior’s advanced algorithm to create your fastest overall route, taking into consideration current traffic and any schedules or availability you added to your Stops. Clicking Optimize will override any manual ordering of the route.

Often, it is possible to use Schedules and Availability to create rules about your Stops so that you don’t have to resort to manually reordering your route. We recommend trying to do that first so that you can take full advantage of Road Warrior’s optimization engine to find your fastest route.

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