Optimizing & Manual Reordering

The Get Route screen facilitates the last steps before you optimize a route. Here, you can customize routes with route level settings like start time and toll-road avoidance.

Access the Get Route screen from the Planner by clicking the FINALIZE ROUTE button at the bottom of the screen.

The Manual Order function allows you to change the order of the stops on your route before or after optimizing. Access this option by clicking the MANUAL ORDERING button in the upper right corner of the Get Route screen.

You can use the 'reorder' icon on the right side of stops in the Get Route screen to adjust a stop order positions by dragging and dropping to wherever needed. This will automatically set the route to Manual Order and give you the option to CALCULATE with the set stop order, rather than OPTIMIZE.

When you manually reorder a route, you are overriding the optimization algorithm that would otherwise give you the stop order for the fastest route. After you reorder you can choose to either Calculate (maintain your order) or Optimize (change order based on fastest or shortest route).

Optimize or Calculate

Calculate - provides the driving, distance, and total estimated time to complete the route based on the stop order you've provided.

Optimize - engages RoadWarrior’s optimizatin-engine to create the fastest or shortest overall route, taking into consideration traffic and any schedules/availability you've assigned to stops. Clicking OPTIMIZE will override any manual ordering of the route.

Often, it is possible to use Schedules and Availability to create rules about your stops, allowing you to still optimize the route which can provide better results than manual ordering. We recommend trying that first so that you can take full advantage of RoadWarrior’s best-in-class optimization.

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