Getting Started

Welcome to Team RoadWarrior! With this guide, you can get up and running with your first route in just a few short steps.

This video will provide you with an overview, followed by detailed, step-by-step instructions below.

Log in

You can log in to Team RoadWarrior here.

Once you're logged in with your Team account, you'll see the Team RoadWarrior Dashboard:


Here you'll see things like helpful guides, your active drivers and routes, recent check-ins, and news from RoadWarrior.

Most of your work will take place in the Map/Planner feature. Click the folded map icon in the left sidebar to head there.


Step 1 - Create a Route

If you don't have any routes, you can get started by going to the Routes list from the left sidebar (under Map/Planner) and clicking the '+' button in the upper right corner or the floating raspberry '+' button in the bottom right to create a new route.

Create a new route

After that, enter a new route name, click SAVE and your new route will be created!

Route details

Add Stops

Now let’s add some stops to the route. For this, head back to the Map/Planner.

Team's web planner functions just like the planner feature in our mobile apps. To add a stop, click and hold on a point on the map or search for an address using the search field in the top left of the map. After you type the first 7 characters, search results will start to populate from the viewable area of the map.

Warrior Tip: search results are biased towards the viewable area in your map and the surrounding vicinity. Try adjusting your map's area and zoom level if relevant results aren't populating.


Click the result you're looking for. A pop-up window will appear, select ADD STOP to add to your route.

Keep adding your stops and your planner should begin to look something like this:

Route with stops

Step 2 - Optimize

At this point, it's time to optimize your route - click the FINALIZE ROUTE button at the bottom of the map to view your route options and stop list.

Finalize route button

After making any final changes, you can optimize the route by pressing the OPTIMIZE button at the bottom. RoadWarrior's servers and routing-engine will do the heavy lifting and return your optimized route in seconds.

Optimize button

Step 3 - Dispatch

Now that you have an optimized route, you can assign it to a Driver.

Create a Driver

To create a driver account, go to the Drivers list from the left sidebar and click the '+ Add Drivers' button in the upper right corner.

Note that each driver account add $5/month to your plan. You will be billed on a monthly basis for each driver account on your Team.


Set a Username and Password. Your driver will be able to log in to the mobile apps with those credentials.

Driver usernames will follow the format: TeamDomain.DriverName (so if John was a driver at Superfast, his Username would be Superfast.John).

Warrior Tip: each driver is only be able to see routes they create or the dispatcher assigns to them in their mobile app's route list.

Assign the Route

Now that you've created a Route and a Driver, you can assign the route to your driver on their mobile app. Go back to your Route list tab from the left sidebar, then tap the route to bring up the route's option menu. Assign your driver their new route by selecting the driver account from the drop-down menu.

Warrior Tip: You should assign a Route once you have added stops. If you assign a Route and then make changes, the driver will not see your updates until you push route changes and their mobile app is synced.

Once you select a driver, send the route to them with the PUSH CHANGES button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Your Driver will get a new notification, and their Route should be synced! If not, they can perform a manual sync by opening the side menu and tapping the sync bar at the bottom.

...And that's it for the basics! Read our other sections for details on specific features. Drivers on your Team will use our mobile apps on their Android and iOS devices. Please direct them to our mobile guides for Android and iOS.

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