Getting Started

Welcome to Team Road Warrior! With this guide, you can get up and running with your first route in just a few short steps.

This video will provide you with a good overview, followed by detailed step by step instructions afterwards.

Log in

You can log in to Team Road Warrior here.

Once you're logged in with your Team account, you'll see the Team Road Warrior Dashboard:


Here you'll see things like helpful guides, your active drivers and routes, recent checkins, and updates from us here at RoadWarrior.

Most of your work will take place from the "Map/Planner" page. Click on the folding map icon on the right of your screen to take you there.


Step 1 - Create a route

If you don't have any routes, you can get started by going to the "Routes" page on the side menu (the diamond under Map/Planner), and then clicking the '+' button in the upper right corner or the Route Red circle the bottom right to create a new route.

Create a new route

After that, enter a new route name, click "Save" and your new route will be created!

Route details

Adding stops

Now let’s add some stops to the route. For this, head back to Planner mode by using the sidebar.

The route planner here functions like it does in the apps. To add a stop, you can tap and hold on a point on the map, or search for a location using the magnifying glass icon in the upper right. After you type a few characters, results will start to populate based on where your map is zoomed in.


Click the result you're looking for. A zoomed-in window will pop up; select "add stop" to add it to your route.

Keep adding your stops, and your planner should look something like this:

Route with stops

Step 2 - Optimize

At this point, it's time to optimize your route - click the "Finalize Route" button at the bottom of the map to view your route stops and options.

Finalize route button

After making any final changes, you can optimize the route by pressing the "Optimize" button at the bottom to create your route.

Optimize button

Step 3 - Dispatch

Now that you have an optimized route, you can send it to a driver to complete.

Creating a driver

To create a driver account, go to the "Drivers" tab in the side menu and tap the '+' button in the upper right corner.


Set a username and password, and your driver will be able to log in with those credentials.

Warrior Tip: Drivers will only be able to see routes that they create and that you assign to them.

Your Team subscription comes with 5 driver accounts. Each additional driver pack adds 5 driver accounts, as well as 1024 optimization and search quota. You can add driver packs by clicking the Manage Plan button in the Drivers screen.

Assigning the route

Now that you've created a route and a driver, you can assign that route to your driver to complete. Go back to the Routes tab through the sidebar, then tap the route to bring up the route popup. Select the driver you want to assign from the dropdown menu.

Warrior Tip: You should only assign a route to a driver once you have added stops. If you assign a route and then add stops, the driver will not see the stops until they perform a sync.

Once you select a driver, send the route to them by selecting the "push changes" button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Have your driver sync their phone (open the side menu in the app and tap the refresh button at the bottom) and they should be able to see the new route!

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