July 2017 Update 1

This update brings a new reporting framework that should be more performant and fit the style of the app better. Along with this are the usual bugs fixes and minor updates.

New Features

  • Overhauled reporting - new reporting framework
    • Less bugs
    • Less crashes
    • Speedier
    • Team loading time reduced

Reporting update

  • Route list maintains scroll position on refresh
  • Open routes stick to the top of the route list

Open routes at top

  • Unarchive routes in reporting

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing bug if opening route info popup from planner with no stops
  • Make Get Route stops only reorder if dragged by drag handle (touch devices should now be able to scroll through stops without dragging)
  • Fix reporting bugs
  • Fix planned time and start position screens not having back buttons in get route