June 2017 Update 2

This update fixes a number user reported bugs and has minor UI updates with a few new multi-select features.

New Features

  • Route edit styling has been updated
  • Route view will now show zone img
  • Settings save now shows a popup notification
  • Ability to set service time for multiple stops at once
  • Ability to set a schedule for multiple stops at once
  • Show Route Zone and Travel Time in route popup view

Note: To set a service time or schedule for multiple stops, go to the planner, and tap the stop icon of one of your stops on the route. This will put you in multiselect mode. From here, you can tap on other stop icons to add them to your selection.

Multi select stops

Once you've made your selection, tap on either the service time or schedule buttons at the top of the screen to set a service time or schedule for your selected stops.

Multi select actions

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix confirm optimize dialog not optimizing when confirmed
  • Fix manual ordering not calculating with confirmation
  • Fix route view not showing driver if assigned
  • Name in route tab updates if updating route name in planner
  • Fix zone not taking if assigned during creation of route