May 2017 Team Update

Team RoadWarrior receives a large update this month, with all new styling and many new features.

New Features

  • The ability to have multiple routes open in planner and switch between them easily with tabs
  • New "Get Route" screen replaces quick edit for routes, where you can update route settings and manually order before optimizing
  • Multi select for all lists, future updates will enable new many new multi select options such as update service time and add schedule
  • Merge routes - add active stops from multiple routes to a new route
  • Multi-delete stops - multiple deletion of stops in planner list
  • Multi-add favorites to route in planner list

New User Interface

  • Updated Planner interface
  • Updated Driver list
  • Updated route popup, get route/quick edit interface

Subscription Management

With this release, we are ending our closed beta period. We appreciate all of the feedback and bugs reported - this has been extremely helpful and we are very grateful to all of our beta users.

Users who are not currently on a paid Team plan will have to upgrade by the end of June to avoid disruption of service. If you need to upgrade, you will see a message at the top of the screen that will provide instructions on how to do so.

The pricing for Team is $20/monthly - this includes the following:

  • A dispatcher account
  • Access to the Pro Road Warrior app
  • Access to the web Team Road Warrior site and Team features
  • 5 driver accounts
  • 1024 daily optimization quota and 1024 search quota

If additional drivers or quota is required, any number of "Virtual Drivers" can be purchased. Each Virtual Driver is $20/monthly, and includes the following:

  • 5 extra driver accounts
  • 1024 additional daily optimization quota and 1024 search quota

Once you have purchased base Team, virtual drivers can be added and removed by going to the Drivers tap and tapping Manage Plan.

We want to thank our users again for a great closed beta, and we look forward to working with you and your Teams!