May 2017 Update 1

This is a minor update that fixes a few bugs/updates performance, and introduces a couple of new route features to Team Road Warrior.

Bugs Fixed

  • Planner stop list position is now maintained after closing a stop view or favorite view popup
  • Stop list will show even if collapsed if you open the filter dialog in planner

New Features

Stop counts for open routes

Stop counts are now shown in the route list for open routes. You can view the stop count for any route (open or not) in the view popup.

Initial Support for Route Archiving and Marking Complete

This release also brings initial support of route archiving and marking routes as complete. Archiving a route allows you to still view the route in the reporting view, but not have it be visible in your normal route list.

Marking a route as complete will dim it in the route list. A future update will provide additional filtering for the route list to be able to hide completed routes.