Multi-Select Actions

Dispatching often requires managing large numbers of locations, making individually editing Stops time-consuming and inefficient.

Read below to find information on selecting multiple Stops in List View, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about our Lasso Tool in Map View.

Basic Multi-Select

In order to initiate Multi-Select mode in a list, click the circle icon of the item on the left. You can also click the Edit (pencil icon) button in the top right corner. This applies to all list views (Routes, Favorites, Schedules, History, and Stops).

Edit button or icon

Multi-Select Actions


You can delete multiple objects at a time by simply selecting everything you wish to remove, and clicking the trash can icon.

Warrior Tip: Please be careful when multi-deleting items. If no items are selected when the delete button is pressed, this will prompt you to delete ALL of your items in the list.

Merge routes

Merging Routes

If you have a few leftover stops from multiple routes that still need to be run, you can merge these Routes together.

Warrior Tip: Merge will only combine the Stops that have not been checked into by the driver.

To merge routes, navigate to the Routes tab and select the Routes you want to merge. Then, just click the Merge Routes button at the top of the screen to create a new route with those stops. The existing routes will not be affected.

Planner Multi-Select

Planner view has the most multi-select options. If you tap a Stop icon, you will be in Stop multi-select mode. If you tap a Favorite, you will enter Favorite multi-select mode.

Warrior Tip: You can only select either Favorites or Stops at a time.


Set Service Time - set a specific service time for multiple stops at once.

Set Schedule - choose a schedule to apply to multiple stops. This can be helpful after uploading a number of locations to a route.

Move Stops - moves the selected stops from the current route to a different route. The stops will no longer be present in the current route.

Copy Stops - makes a copy of the selected stops from the current route to another route. This is different from Move Stops because the stops also remain in the current route.


Add to route - adds all of the selected favorites to the current route.

The Lasso Tool

The Lasso Tool is a powerful map view-based tool; it is particularly useful for creating many geographically-distributed Routes from a larger imported group of Unassigned Stops.

Click here to view a video on how to use the features of the Lasso Tool.

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