October 2017 Update 1

New Features

  • Help Search - start typing a topic such as "schedules" and our smart search tool will find you a relevant Team help article

Help Search

  • Recover/Undelete favorites - recently deleted favorites can be recovered by going to the Reporting page and tapping the Recover button in the Favorites tab
    • Deleted favorites are routinely cleaned up by our system
    • Favorites are not guaranteed to be available for recovery after deletion for any amount of time

Recover Favorite

  • More visible toast notifications in Team

New Notification style

  • View route name for favorite checkins (viewable by opening a favorite and tapping View Past Activity)

Favorite history route

Beta/Upcoming Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fix visual cutoff in stop view for checkins
  • Small performance updates
  • Fix list pin icon not updating when lasso selecting
  • Fix list pin icon not updating when selecting individual pins via map
  • Fix rare possible loading issue