October 2018 Update 1

We've been busy tweaking Team Road Warrior to help make it more useful to you and your business.

Updated Pricing

  • Going forward, Team will be $10/month for base, and drivers can be purchased individually for $5/driver/monthly.
  • Current Team subscribers can remain on this plan as long as you keep up your subscription, if you lapse and need to renew again, you will need to upgrade to the new pricing model.
  • Team optimization quota is 500 for base Team, 500 per added driver
  • When resuming a previous subscription, you now have the option to choose the drivers you want to keep, so you will not pay for drivers that you do not need

Updated Driver Interface

  • New style driver page
  • View driver details/edit on the side
  • Edit username/change password/delete driver in the "..." menu on side
  • Save Changes button to save any edits such as updating name/email/permissions
  • Bulk creation of drivers
  • Any new drivers created will use format of "domain.username" instead of username@domain - this was done to prevent confusion as many drivers added ".com" to the end of the username
  • Previously created drivers are not changed
  • Can update driver picture by clicking on picture in the side panel


  • Added Billing Portal link to Team (go to gear -> Profile & Settings, Quota & Billing tab), allow dispatchers to manage statements on their own
  • Increased performance for large amts of data in routes
  • Fixed a number of issues, including handling of hitting quota limit