Team RoadWarrior Overview

Team Road Warrior is our newest product that caters to both small businesses and power users who want to get the most out of their route planner.

New Team Features


You can get to the manage driver screen from the left side menu under “Drivers”.

Manage drivers page

This screen lets you create, edit, and delete drivers. Deleting a driver is permanent – once you delete a driver, you can create a new driver with that exact same username.

A driver will login to the app with “username@domain”. For example, if you chose “rw” for the domain when registering, and want a new driver with “rick” as their username, that user would login with “rick@rw”.

Please note that a driver will only have access to routes that they create, and routes that are assigned to them by the dispatcher (you). You can assign a route to a driver by editing the route and selecting the drivers option.

Also note that your Team subscription comes with 5 driver accounts. Purchasing additional virtual drivers gives additional 1024 optimization and search quota, as well as 5 driver accounts per virtual driver.


Many of our users have larger areas that they manage, with multiple drivers and routes. Zones can help organize your data – you can set a zone for routes and favorites, and then choose to only view routes/favorites/activity from a certain zone.

You can manage zones by going to the Zones page (left side menu -> Zones).

When creating a zone, you can choose a color for easier recognition. You can also choose a zone center. This will be used when optimizing a dynamic route that belongs to this zone on the web.
Creating a zone


Trucks are for tracking which vehicles are assigned to specific routes. Currently, you can only assign a name and note to a truck, but we are looking at adding attributes such as height, weight, and hazmat that will actively affect routing.

You can create or delete a truck by going to the Trucks page (left side menu -> Trucks).

To assign a truck to a route, edit the route, and tap the truck name, or ‘None’ if one is not assigned. You will be shown a list of your trucks to choose from – tap one to select it, and then save the route.


Q:What browsers does Team Road Warrior support?
A:Currently we support the latest Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and Edge browsers. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Q:I encountered a bug, what should I do?
A: Please send us a note at and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Q:Looks great but I have a suggestion to make Team even better.
A: We'd love to hear your feedback! Send us an email at

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