Working with Routes

Team RoadWarrior adds new team based functionality to the core of Road Warrior with features such as assigning drivers to routes and the ability to have multiple tabbed routes open simultaneously.

Create New Route

There are two easy ways to create a new Route in Road Warrior.

Create a new route from the 'Route Planner' and click on the '+' icon at the upper right.

Creating a route from Route Planner

Or navigate to the Routes tab of left menu and click on the '+' icon at the upper right.

Routes are always saved. When you create a New Route, your "old route" is already saved and you will see it listed under the Routes section of the left menu. If you did not name your route, the route name automatically saves as: For example, a route created on June 21st, 2015 at 11:13pm will be displayed in the sortable timestamp format: 2015.06.21 23:13.

Choose Your Route

Go to the routes tab

Open routes will be at the top, and are indicated by a lighter gray selection circle. When you hover over a route, there will be a set of quick actions available on the right side, including open/close route, edit, and delete.

Opening a route will load it for viewing in the Route Planner screen. You can now have multiple routes open in planner, and switch between them with tabs, similar to your browser.

Activate route

To multi delete routes, enter selection mode by tapping on the circle icon of a route, or on the edit button in the toolbar.

Enable multi selection


If no routes are selected in multi selection mode, pressing Delete will delete ALL routes, please double check that this is what you want to do.

Otherwise, you can select multiple routes by tapping on the left circle icon of a route, and then tap the Delete button at the top to delete those routes.

Merging Routes

A new feature is the merge route button. This will take any non-complete stops from the selected routes, and merge them into a new route with all those stops. Note that the stops will not be deleted from the original routes.

multi select actions

Set Planned Time

Are you planning a route for a future time and date?

You can edit this setting by editing the route either from the Info (i) button on the Planner View or by clicking on a Route in the Routes tab and selecting Edit.
Set planned time

The default setting is to start the route at the time of Optimization (Dynamic), but by clicking on Planned Time, you can set the start time to any time in the future by checking 'Is Hard Start' and selecting a date.

You can also set a specific end time for the route by checking 'Is Hard Stop' and choosing a time.

Set Departure Point

Do you want your route to begin at a certain location that is not where you are currently?

The green flag on the map indicates the starting location, which defaults to your current location. Simply long click on the map and click "Update Start" to edit the departure location. Or, type a location into the search bar to pull up a result and select Update Start.

Remember, the default is to start at your current location (Dynamic).

Update start

Round Trip

If you want to set your trip to end in the same location as the start, you can edit your route to make it a round trip. From the Planner view click the Info (i) icon on the upper right and click Edit. Then select “Is Round Trip.”

Or access the setting from the Routes tab by clicking on a route to open the route options.

Image of Roundtrip toggle button selected.

Your green start flag will appear with a checkerboard background to indicate that the route is a roundtrip. Note you cannot have a round trip route that also has a dynamic start location.

Copy Route

If you use the same route often and you use the Check In feature, you’ll want to have a route free of Check Ins the next time you need to travel that route. The Copy feature is the best way to achieve this. A Copy of a route will keep your stops and settings, but it will not have stops checked in. This also allows you to keep track of your routes and activity for each route.

To Copy a route, press the Info (i) button from the planner view and select Copy. You can also Copy a route from the Routes tab by clicking 'Copy Route' from the quick options of that route card.

Copy route from view popup

Assign Route to Driver

If you want a driver to be able to view and complete your route, you need to assign that driver to the route. Edit the route, and tap row that is labeled 'Driver' on the left. This will bring you to a list of drivers, where you can select which one should be assigned to the route. After you select one and save the route, that driver should be able to see the route in his or her app after they sync.

IMPORTANT: Please note that you should only assign a route to a driver once you have added stops. If you assign a route and then add stops, the driver will not see the stops until they perform a sync.

Clear Stops

Rather than deleting all stops for a route, we recommend simply creating a New Route.

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