Every team is unique - we have a variety of settings to customize Team RoadWarrior to fit the way you and your drivers work.

Team Profile

To access your Team account's profile, click the settings (gear cog) icon button at the top right of the screen and select Profile & Settings. Your Team profile tab will display, here you'll find and control account settings such as your email, password, and your Team domain.

Profile settings

Warrior Tip: If you change your Team domain, previously-created driver accounts will remain on your old domain.

Quota & Billing


Team's base plan includes quotas for 500 daily optimized stops and auto-complete search locations. Each Driver account added to your plan increases your team-wide daily quotas for optimized stops and auto-complete search locations by 500 a piece.

This tab includes usage visualizations, helping you keep an eye on your limits (quotas are designed with power users in mind, most teams never hit their daily limits).

Quota section


You can find your billing information, update your payment information, or cancel auto-renewal on your subscription in the Billing section.

You can also see when your subscription is set to renew, as well as your account's current balance.

Warrior Tip: Team subscriptions are month-to-month with no contract, so you can cancel auto-renewal at any time to avoid future charges.

App Settings

App Settings

This section is dedicated to different preferences for Team's web app.
From this menu, you can update your default optimization mode, travel mode, route avoids, and stopover time.

Warrior Tip: Changing most settings on this page will not affect existing routes and stops. Default stopover time is the exception; the new stopover time will be applied automatically to all existing and new stops set to the default.

Service Time - how long you plan to spend at each stop

Territory Center - the starting point for any routes optimized online with a dynamic starting position. Having this set accurately can also improve search results.

Don't Show Map Hover Info - disables Stop info from displaying when hovering in Map view.

Confirm Optimization - show a prompt before Optimizing any route, to prevent accidental optimizations.

Prompt for Check-ins - when checking in at a stop, this will automically activate a dialog where you can add notes and make other edits to the check-in record.

Search Settings

Access search settings by clicking the gear button in the search box of Planner mode.

Search Web - enables/disables web searching of addresses/locations (ie, Maps data).

Search Favorites - enables/disables searching of saved favorites.

Rapid Entry Mode - a more efficient way to search and add multiple locations. Auto-focuses the search box again after you add a location for quick entry of the next location.

Edit After Add - shows an edit screen after adding location

Map Settings

You can find the layer display settings in the upper right of the map.

Satellite - toggles between satellite and road map tile views.

Traffic - shows/hides expected road traffic on the map.

Show Drivers - enables/disables showing driver tracking positions on the map. Drivers are tracked only when on an active route, and while the Road Warrior app is open.

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