Every team is unique - so we have a variety of settings to customize Team RoadWarrior for you and your drivers.

Team Profile

Your Team profile is the first tab you see when you tap the Settings button at the top of the screen. Here you'll find account related settings such as the ability to change your email, password, and team domain.

Profile settings

If you change your team domain, any new drivers you create will have the new domain, while previously created drivers will still have the old domain until they are removed.

Also you can upload a profile picture for yourself as a dispatcher.

Quota and Billing


The quota section is where you can view your search and optimization quotas for the day. Team starts with 1024 daily optimization and search quotas, and each virtual driver pack provides an additional 1024 of both.

Quota section

This is a good place to keep an eye on your quota usage if you are getting close to your limits.

There also is the Update Virtual Drivers button, which will allow you to purchase or remove virtual driver packs.


The billing section contains all of your billing information, as well as being where you can update your payment information or cancel auto renewal for your subscription.

Billing section

This is also where you can see when your subscription renews, as well as your balance.

Subscriptions are month to month with no contract, so you can cancel auto renewal at any time.

App Settings

This section is dedicated to different preferences for the Team web app.

Optimize mode, travel mode, avoids, and service time are all default settings that apply to any new routes or stops you create. Please note that changing settings here does not affect routes and stops that have already been created.

Territory center - this will act as the starting point for any routes optimized online with a dynamic starting position, and no zone set (if a zone is set, the route will use the zone center as the starting position).

Confirm Optimization - this shows a prompt before optimizing the route, to prevent accidental optimizations.

Prompt on checkin - when you checkin to a stop, this will pop up a dialog where you can add extra information to the checkin, such as a note.

Search Settings

Search related settings can be found by tapping the gear button in the search box of the planner.

Search Web - Enables/Disables web searching of addresses/locations

Search Favorites - Enables/Disables searching of existing favorites

Rapid Entry Mode - Best for when you want to search and add multiple locations. Auto focuses the search box again after you add a location.

Map Settings

The planner map can be configured with a number of different layers. You can find the layer settings in the planner map, in the upper right.

Satellite - Toggles between satellite and road map tiles

Traffic - Shows/Hides road traffic on the map

Drivers - Enables/Disables showing driver tracking positions on the map. Drivers are tracked only when on an active route, and while the Road Warrior app is open

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