Unassigned Stops

Unassigned Stops allow a dispatcher to manage stops without having to assign stops to a route initially. This is useful if you want to split up a large number of stops among multiple routes or if you have leftover stops from previous routes.

Adding locations to Unassigned Stops

Method 1 - Searching

Go to unassigned stops planner

To access unassigned stops in Team, go to your routes list from the left sidebar menu, then click the Unassigned Stops folder at the top of your list.

From there, you can search for a stop as normal, and add it to your unassigned stops list.

Method 2 - From Favorites

When viewing your team's unassigned stops in the Planner, scroll down with the list to view your favorites. Select any favorite and tap Add to Route. This will create an unassigned stop from the favorite.

Method 3 - Spreadsheet Upload

When uploading spreadsheets with your location lists, select the option to UPLOAD TO UNASSIGNED STOPS.

Upload unassigned

Moving and Copying to Routes

To move unassigned stops to a route, first enter multi-select mode by clicking the edit button in the upper right of the Planner or select a stop from the list view.

enter multiselect

Select the stops you want to move or copy, then select the move or copy action (icons) in the red bar on top.

move or copy

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