Team users can upload large quantities of addresses (250 per spreadsheet, 1024 daily) to save time on data entry. Use the upload tab of Team to upload an Excel (.XLSX) file.

Upload tab

Required Upload Format

Your file must be formatted according to the template here, also available on the upload tool. This allows Team RoadWarrior to read the address information in your spreadsheet. You must not change the order of the columns or add/remove columns.

The required columns, in order, are: Name, Street Address, City, State/Region, Postal Code, and Country Code. The additional columns are optional and may be left blank.

Warrior Tip: At the current time, the format directly from Numbers is incompatible with the upload feature. So, exporting from Numbers to .XLSX will not work.

Upload Methods

You have the option to upload in four ways; to favorites, to a new route, to a new ordered route, or as unassigned stops:

1. Upload to favorites

This option allows you to add locations as Favorites, which are locations that are saved for future use. Your Favorites will appear as pins in the Map view after you upload and allow you to add them to a route. View all your Favorites under the Favorites bar on the left hand menu bar. Remember that you can filter your view using the Filter feature if your Map view becomes too crowded. This is a great option if you are uploading addresses that you may use again on future routes.

2. Upload to new route

This option allows you to directly add your locations as Stops on a new route. They are not added as Favorites so they aren’t saved for use in a future route unless you click each pin to save the Stop as a Favorite. Many folks use this option when they have a route that changes each day and they do not plan to use the stops again.

3. Upload to a new ordered route

This option is the same as uploading to a new route (above) -- except the upload will preserve the order of the stops as they are ordered in your upload spreadsheet. This is handy if you do not want to Optimize, and instead already have a set order of Stops.

4. Upload to unassigned stops

This option will upload your locations to the Unassigned Stops bucket. This is useful if you have a number of stops that you want to divide into different routes. You can view Unassigned Stops by tapping on the row in the Routes tab, and then move the stops to different routes. To do this, tap on one of the stop icons in the planner, and select the stops you want to move, and then tap the Move Stops action at the top of the planner.

Field Descriptions

Service Time

When uploading stops, the default service time is 30 minutes. You can set the time to anything else by entering a value (in minutes).

Note that the service time on your devices is not relevant to uploads.

Latitude/Longitude (Optional)

Latitude/Longitude is not required, but is an optional field for advanced users.

The reason that you might do this is in a situation where you know better than Google Maps where a home is physically located. If you do choose to use the Lat/Long field, it will replace the geocoding process. For example, especially in rural areas, an address might resolve to a PO box where the resident receives US mail, not to the actual home location.

Priority/Color (Optional)

The priority/color field only applies when creating favorites. You can use this to visually categorize the favorites you upload. The favorite pin will be colored based on the value set here.

The priority/color field can be a decimal between 0 and 1:
1.0 = Red
0.75 = Orange
0.6 = Yellow
0.5 = Green
0.25 = Aqua
0.0 = Blue

Default = 0.5 (Green)

How to Upload Using Google Sheets

  1. Go to https://team.roadwarriorllc.com/ and log into your Road Warrior Account. Go to the Upload tab.

  2. Where it says download the template files: click 'excel template' and save that file to somewhere you can find it later.

  3. Open http://drive.google.com. In the upper-left hand corner click the red box that says “New" and click "File Upload." Select the file you downloaded earlier called “Rw.Location.Upload.xlsx.”

  4. Open Google Docs to “Sheets” https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets, then click the “Open File Picker” button in the upper right corner. Click the “Upload” tab, and select the file you downloaded earlier called “Rw.Location.Upload.xlsx.”

  5. Fill in your addresses (do not change the very top row of information) for all of the bolded headings.

  6. Click “File,” scroll over “Download as,” and select “Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).”

  7. Go back to Team Upload, find your new spreadsheet and upload that to the tool. Now you're all done!

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