Using Planner View

The Team RoadWarrior Planner mode is the heart of our online route planner. This is where you add stops to your route, view and plan out your route on the map, and optimize your route.

The planner view

Web Features

There are a number of differences between the Team web planner and the planner in the app.

Planner Tabs

The biggest difference is the ability to have multiple open routes at once - shown as tabs across the top of the planner. You can switch rapidly between routes by clicking on a tab, and can close a route by tapping the [x] on the right of the tab.

Warrior Tip: If a driver is assigned to a route, we show a small thumbnail of their picture in the tab.

View Driver Location

If you have Driver accounts assigned to Active Routes (meaning a route that is currently being run), you will see a truck icon on the map representing the rough location of that driver.

Driver location is updated every few minutes, and only when the Road Warrior app is open. If you are viewing the Route that a Driver is currently running, the truck icon will be colored, otherwise it will be grey.

Adding Stops

What's a Route without its Stops? Read below to find out the different ways you can add a Stop.

The first is to search for a Stop using the search box. Type in an address, and then select from the drop down options to add that location to your route.


Warrior Tip:You can also select to add that location as a favorite, or make it the starting location of your route.

Just Click

Click-and-hold at any spot on the map that you want to add as a stop. The site will display as a pair of coordinates.


Add from Favorites

To add Stops from Favorites, you can multi-select favorites from the list (tap the circle icon on the left of an item to enter selection mode) and then tap Add to Route at the top.

Multi select favorites

Finalize Route and Optimizing

Click the Finalize Route button at the bottom of the screen when you are ready to optimize your route. A pop-up menu will appear, where you can update route attributes such as vehicle, routes to avoid, and your starting point and time.

Get Route

To manually reorder your Stops, click the Manual Order button in the upper right corner, then drag the Stops to your preferred order.

Set Manual Order

When you're happy with your settings, click Optimize (or Calculate, for manually ordered routes) at the bottom of the dialog to optimize your route.

Filtering and Sorting Locations

You can filter and sort your stops and favorites by clicking the two highlighted icons on the top right- this is often useful if you have a lot of locations and need to narrow down the ones you are seeing.

Filter and Sort buttons

Clicking the filter button (funnel icon) will open a panel showing a variety of different filtering options. You can use the filter text box to search for a stop or favorite by name, or use the deeper stop and favorite options to filter by status, distance, or hashtag.

Clicking the sorting button (3 lines) will open a drop-down menu that allows you to sort your stops by a number of criteria.

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